I thought this blog entry would be good to explain the tools I'm using on this build. As you can See in the first picture I use a Dremel, a selection of files, a craft knife, a hacksaw and some clippers. I also find that for large resin builds coat hangers make excellent pinning rods. I use one of the Dremel's cutting discs to cut it because clippers will break or blunt on it and it's too thin for the hacksaw (it just catches).

The Dremel also has some excellent sanding drum attachments. I must warn you though these things eat through the resin really really quickly. I only use it when I need to drastically reduce the amount of resin. In this case to get the wings straight I had to sand a lot of the resin down to make a good, level, snug fit.

I also use a power drill to make the holes for pinning. The next blog entry will detail the pinning of the wings.