In the last blog I touched upon a few of the tools I use for big resin models, this included cutting the rod and drilling the holes. In the first picture you can see the rod in place. The picture shows two rods but after dry fitting one rod I found this to be strong enough on it's own so I took the second rod out.

In the second picture I've added bright paint to the end of the rods and then pressed the wing up against it to accurately mark where I need to drill. This trick is great and works on small scale pinning too.

The pic above shows the paint blobs of where I had to drill. The final picture shows the wings in place with the single rod supporting the wings. It took hours of filing with the Dremel and the hand files to get the wings to fit snug and more importantly level. These are still all loose pieces and nothings been glued yet. It still needs more heating, bending and filing to get the body to fit together well.

Next time on the blog we look at interior detail of the model.