Our very own Stahly here is the Ultramarine Master on the site but I love my colossal Ultramarine collection, and I get asked a lot what my recipe for the armour is. Well today I'm pleased to share that recipe with you guys at Tale of Painters.

I use Vallejo Game Colour paints. They're quite smooth and thin but blend nicely. I start off by painting a base coat of Ultramarine Blue. I add a small amount of water and give it a couple of coats to make sure it's a solid covering and not patchy. I then use Imperial Blue mixed with Glaze Medium to line the armour gaps. This colour provides the depth. The Glaze Medium is only a few drops added but it turns the paint into this wondrous medium which blends really nicely and paints on so smoothly. I swear by this stuff, it's even better with Vallejo's metals too.

The next stage is to add Wolf Grey to Ultramarines Blue in a small quantity and to blend this on the the raised areas. Imagine a light shining on plastic ball, there would be an area lit up by the light. I try to emulate this 'real life' highlighting because I think it makes the model more 3D and less flat looking. I continue to add wolf grey to the mix and continue blending.

Oh look, more Wolf Grey added! You can really see the armour starting to brighten up when compared to the earlier pics. Finally, I finish off with some pure Wolf Grey edge highlights. I try to keep these as thin as possible.

This has really put me in the mood to paint more Ultramarines now.

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