Stahly's Paint Station is no more, long live Tale of Painters! I teamed up with other great painters and army collectors - say hello to our new authors Garfy and Sigur! You may know my mates from various forums, Sigur runs a commission painting service and Garfy was featured multiple times on "What's New Today?" over at Scroll down to read their introduction posts!

So what will change in the future? Well, everything you've liked so far at Stahly's Paint Station will stay, but now with three hobbyists it's gonna be triple the fun! We've prepared some great stuff for the future - I will continue to work on my Skaven army. Garfy has bought a Thunderhawk from Forgeworld and will blog about the assembling and painting. Sigur is painting some tasty Salamanders and a Warhammer Forge Land Ship for his Empire army. There will also be Dreadfleet and new tutorials and reviews!

I hope you like my "new" blog and spread the word about it! Remember to change your bookmarks and RSS feeds to We are also available from now on, in case you can't remember the long Blogspot-URL ;)

Exciting times. I'd love if you would stay with us and continue to support us by disabling your Ad Blocker and having a click on our sponsored advertisments. We work hard to bring you a great hobby inspiration and resource!