Maybe you've seen these already on one forum or another, but like every christmas GW comes around with some Megaforces. Think of a Battleforce but with more models and a bigger discount. This year they release one for Space Marines (surprise), but also for High Elves, Skaven and... Dark Eldar. These come in with a bucketload of models at 130 pounds. The Dark Eldar Megaforce contains a Ravager, a Raider, a Venom, 9 Reaver Jetbikes, 5 Scourges, 10 Warriors and 20 Wyches which make a RRP of 204 pounds if you buy them on their own - a whopping 37% discount! The other Megaforces are of similar value. And most of them contain a really good mix of units with lots of recently released kits - e.g. the Skaven one has a Screaming Bell, the High Elves one 20 White Lions and the Space Marine one a Land Raider Redeemer and Venerable Dreadnought.

At this price point, I can no longer resist starting Dark Eldar. I wanted to paint all the models I currently have before moving on to new stuff, but this deal is too good to miss out. Especially when you get another 20% discount on top of that over at our friends from Wayland Games - check them out here. These are only available in limited quantities, so preorder them while you can.