The Good Stuff:

A battle report featuring siege rules from the new "Blood in the Badlands" campaign book with some non 'Eavy Metal models; new Scrolls of Binding and Apocalypse Data Sheets; the Necrons vs Black Templars campaign with four new scenarios; the Blanchitsu article and the other painting guides, as well as showcases that aren't a reprint from the colour pages of an army book but comprising paintjobs not seen before.

What's In There For Painters and Modellers?
An 'Eavy Metal showcase; a showcase of 'Eavy Metal painter Neil Green; a tutorial of painting the Skullvane Mansion; a tutorial of assembling and painting an Ogre Kingdoms Thundertusk; Blanchitsu with John Blanche introducing two painters focussing on their painting styles.

Things I Didn't Like:
The Beastmen article is just 6 pages of full-blown pictures with little text blurbs that could have be copy and pasted from the product pages of the website. I was expecting at least an interview with the sculptors who did the new monsters, but no. Also the Dreadfleet booklet could have been much more hobby infused than some short battle reports and huge double-page sized pictures of four guys standing around a game of Dreadfleet. Also I have a little suspicion that the "Blood in the Badlands" article might be a straight reprint from the book.

The Verdict:
Wow, this issue is the first that actually feels like a true hobby magazine for quite a while! As they aren't hell-bent on filling 3/4 of the issue with the flavour of the month there is actually enough room for a good mix of articles. There are rules, scenarios, battle reports, painting guides and showcases. Even though some articles could have been more in-depth and the Dreadfleet booklet was a bit lackluster, I quite enjoyed this issue. 7/10

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