So after almost exactly a month the last two pieces from the Dreadfleet box are finished - Count Noctilus' warship, the Bloody Reaver, and her auxiliary cog, the Sea Ghul as I call it.

One word about the Bloody Reaver if you haven't assembled it yet - find a way to not add the masts and sails (especially the most forward one). This will require you to cut down the knobs on the masts so you can stick them into the holes lateron. It will make painting the model so much easier.

That said, here's a few final thoughts on Dreadfleet: If you can spare the money it's worth the price because you get tons of models with it. At first I underestimated the effort it takes to get it all painted mostly because you can "batch paint" practically nothing in this box. Maybe the islands but even those are very individual pieces. The warships of course are basically the same as character models from different armies. Efford-wise, think of them like horse-mounted generals.

Once everything is painted, the game is a glorious sight on this very pretty gaming mat. Anyway, thanks for reading, it's been a blast and I hope you enjoyed my series on Dreadfleet.