Hey, I'm back with a new project - pre-heresy World Eaters. This of course means lots of chainaxes, older Marks of power armour and some extra Angry!

As the colour scheme for Pre-Heresy World Eaters is rather dull (main colour: not a colour, secondary colour: a deep, plain blue.) so of course it lends itself perfectly for adding colour. First I decided to throw in some hazard stripes because a.) they're cool and b.) these chainaxes ARE dangerous and World Eaters are the kind of people who enjoy their slaughter - sure, who doesn't? - but safety is an issue very close to their dark hearts.

For some more evenly distributed splats of colour, I added copious amounts of blood and gore. That's a thing I usually don't do (and surely not to that extent) but it fits very well for these models of course and it adds to the colour scheme very nicely.

For this force, there's some more stuff coming up so stay tuned!