I thought it might be cool to let the members of Tale of Painters view my man cave for a little look round to see where I spend my free time.

Above my desk is a signed Storm of Magic poster I hung recently. It's my prize for being one of the Storm of Magic winners on the Games Workshop site (6 winners in total chosen by Eavy Metal painter Joe Tomowhatishisnameski out of 1200 entries).

Below that is my new shelf featuring current projects, You can see Dark Eldar and Grey Knights at the moment, these will slowly make way for Necrons.

On my desk you can see my iMac where I write my Tale of Painter's blog posts and occasional work from home and I have a permanent hobby area set up. On the window sill are some transformers (I'm 30, and a big kid at heart) and just in the shot is codex Necrons.

To the right of my desk in the second picture are my display shelves. 14,000pts of Ultramarines, 13,000pts of Tyranids and hidden at the bottom are 4000pts of Orcs and Goblins. That's over 30,000pts of models!

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post and mini tour of my painting studio.