To add to the general confusion this is of course NOT a pre-heresy World Eater Space Marine, it's an Empire general from Averland riding a pegasus. To some of you this fella probably looks familiar. Earlier this year I painted the regular on-foot version for a rather large army commission job (of which I will post pictures at a later time), now the goal was to depict the same guy with various mounts options. For Empire, this of course means Griffon, Pegasus and Warhorse.

If you're familiar with the original model you will immediately understand that this is a rather interesting challenge and takes some converting.

In the picture below you can see the other two mounts in an earlier state (a few days ago):

The griffon, as you surely were able to identify is the one from the Island of Blood box with quite a bit of high elves legs having been chopped off, removed and redone reigns, a little breastplate (because when it comes to poultry I usually go for breast over legs so that needs some protection), a saddle and some details added. The pegasus is from a Betonnian pegasus knight. All that I did was chop off a few things, add another few things and that's that. The warhorse is a standard empire warhorse with a bit added to hold the pistol. It wasn't part of the plan originally but I had the bitz lying around and thought I'd add it for completion sake.

So this is the most immediate project I'm currently working on and it should be finished within the next days. Then it's back to World Eaters.