Hey guys, just a quick one for now - it's a multi-purpose mission objective marker.

For instance:

For anything Imperial: This is one of the purestrains who started a Genestealer incursion on Phyrrus VII. It has to be retrieved so the guys at Adeptus Biologus can extract information about its DNA and they can work up especially designed weapons against that strain.

For Orks: That's the fella who snipped off one of Grutbag's favorite arms.

For Dark Eldar: Now there's something that might make for an interesting matchup for the upcoming gladiatorial shows.

For Noise Marines: Let's grind it up and inject!

For Adeptus Sororitas: This isn't us, let's kill it.

For Eldar: This is a scout of this huge swarm fleet that's on its way here.

For Tau: I guess we better kill it before it gets into close combat.

...and so on. As you can see, there's lots of reasons to hunt for Genestealers in the desert. :)