I'm painting up a couple of Necron units at the moment inbetween Dreadfleet and Ultramarine models, and I thought I'd share with you guys how I paint my quick and easy 4 step rusty Necron armour.

Step 1: I basecoat the model in Tinny Tin.

Step 2: Mixing a drop or two of Glaze medium into Gun Metal I paint over the Tinny Tin making sure I leave some of the basecoat showing through.

Step 3: I take the shine off of the Gun Metal with a wash of Badab Black Wash.

Step 4: Using an old brush I dab weathering powder into all the joints and edges. Be sure to put down a sheet of newspaper and be careful, this stuff is nightmare to get out of fabrics like clothes or carpets.

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How to Paint Necrons Necron tutorial how to painting weathering powders