Hey, remember when there were messages saying that I would paint that Marienburg Landship The Forge did this year and all I posted was pictures of damaged Space Marines for months? Oh yeah, that was fun, right? :) Now the problem is that I'm slowly running out of Space Marines so I guess I'll have to get that Landship done.

All the sarcasm aside, yeah, I'm trying to get going on the Landship. Let's see how long I manage to stick to it. It's basically assembled (still kept in a few seperate chunks though for easier painting) and primed and all that. For painting I decided to start with the crew because they look cool. As you can see I went for a Marienburg colour scheme (yeah, I'm crazy like that. And if you liked that just wait until I paint Blood Angels in a red colourscheme in a few weeks!) but went with a more orange-y yellow because orange is a colour you don't see all too often on Warhammer models. Stay tuned for future pictures of these fellas!