Inspired by Stahly's post about his 2012 projects I thought I'd give you guys an sneak peek of some of the models I'm hoping to work on in 2012.

2012 will see a huge expansion in my Ultramarine collection using the models from the Mega Force and the Thunderhawk Gunship. I will also continue to paint Dreadfleet models. I've had the Arachnarok Spider for a few months now and not done anything with it, maybe 2012 will see me start it! I'm also looking forward to starting the Tyranids in the Tyranid Attack game. I've almost completed the marines with just a Librarian left to paint.

What do you guys have on your painting tables? Do you have a model that you've owned for a while and just haven't even got round to opening the box yet like my Arachnarok?