I'm sometimes accused of producing dull 'out of the box' models, so I thought I'd convert my Scouts from the Space Marine Megaforce. Read on for detailed descriptions and more photos.

Telion leads the unit. I like this sculpt and didn't want to convert him, so I just cleaned up the moldlines and filled some gaps with greenstuff. The squad he leads needed to look like scouts that had been exposed to warfare, so I first of all ditched the Wayne Rooney heads and used a small pin vice to drill a pilot hole into the neck socket. Then I get out my power drill and using a larger drill bit the same diameter as the space marine heads I line it up with the pilot hole and bore out the neck socket. The new heads fit great and you can turn and tilt them just like on the space marine models.

Telion's stalker pattern bolter looks awesome with it's silencer and scope so I wanted my bolter scouts to have the same equipment. The bolt pistols in the scout box set have silencers on them, so I just snipped these off and glued them to the scout bolters. The scopes are just fro the tactical squad sprues.

You might have seen my guide on sculpting the U symbol yesterday, I did that for all the scouts and on the opposite pad I made a disc so I could paint the squad number. This is squad V (5). I also like Telion's knee pad armour, so I attempted to sculpt those on the scouts too. They came out ok, I think paint will hide any imperfections.

Three of the scouts got baggage rolls with straps added to their backs, and one had some radio gear added to his back. To finish the unit off two of the scouts got mohawks. This is in tribute to the plastic Rogue Trader scouts I painted recently.