Inspired by Stahly's incredible Hell Pit Abomination, I thought I'd follow in our illustrious leader's footsteps with my own Warhammer Fantasy Massive Monster. Read on to discover how I airbrushed this model in part 1 of this project.

I had to come up with a colour scheme for the Arachnarok Spider, and after looking at some real life spiders on google images, I decided on natural colours. In the above picture you can see I picked out Black, Terracotta, Parasite Brown (seemed appropriate) and Plague Brown.

With my colours chosen, spider assembled and undercoated it was time to break out the airbrush! For more information on my airbrush set up click here.

Using scissors and Tamiya masking tape I masked off some of the areas I wanted to keep black.

In the above pic you can see I've applied the terracotta base colour to the leg joints and the carapace edges. On top of that I've added the parasite brown mid tone colour.

It's starting to look like how I imagined now. The Plague brown (it's more yellow) edge highlights look really nice and brighten the model up a treat... a little too much if you ask me.

So, to tone it down and add depth to the piece I sprayed black between the terracotta colour and the masking tape. If you remember, under the masking tape is black, so this new spray of black is to blend the terracotta to the original undercoat... confused? I am.

Luckily my theory worked out. I've removed the masking tape in the above shot and the effect it's created is a natural looking blends on the knee joints.

Next step is to paint the fleshy underbelly. I'm thinking, dwarf flesh bladed up into dull yellows... no idea what it will look like but i'm thinking under belly of a turtle? Stay tuned!