Inspired by Rev's retro 40k post, I thought I'd share one of my recent eBay purchases, the Epic 40,000 boxed game. I'm a sucker for old skool Games Workshop stuff. Especially if I use to own it... the reason I had to buy it again is because I rather stupidly gave away all my Games Workshop stuff to my mates younger brother when I was 18 (30 now), because I believed at the time I was too old for the hobby. What an idiot I was! Would have been worth a fortune now.

On my 16th Birthday on November the 1st in 1997 my parents bought me Epic 40,000 and it was awesome. The box art was so exciting, with John Blanche's depiction of blood angels about to get death rollered to erm... death.

The above pics are my actual pics of the game I just bought off of eBay. The box is immaculate, with no wrecked corners. The books haven't been read because the spines aren't broken and the pages aren't dog-eared. After checking the contents thoroughly I discovered it's missing a land raider body and a single ork boy. Bit gutted but I'll source those but most of the models are still on sprue. All the card components are unpunched and all the dice are there. What a find, and not bad value for £65 + £10p&p. I did get a refund from the seller of £5 because of the missing parts. So all in all £70... that's the price of Dreadfleet.

I can't wait to paint up some tiny Space Marines and Orks!