So who made it to their store yesterday for the 25th Anniversary celebrations?

I for one did not, though I have heard from a number of sources that queues were backed up for long distances and that they ran out of stocks of celebratory goodies early on. I had a quick peek on eBay, and in addition to the usual chancers with inflated BIN prices, there are some really tasty bids going down on what are some questionable items (rubber bracelets, I look in your direction...!).

For me nothing beats the old rogue trader stuff. I love that FW are releasing the HH bits and bobs. The new Rhinos and Preds are awesome, as is the Land Raider, really true to the originals. While I despise their postal policy and quality control you can't fault their creative vision.

I decided to list a bunch of Rogue Trader goodies on eBay recently, and quite coincidentally I realised today that it coincided with the 25th Anniversary weekend events. I remember vividly what got me into this hobby, aged around 7 or 8 and sneaking up to admire my cousins Blood Angels and Harlequins. I remember him talking to me about what I now know to be fluff and thinking I simply had to get into this lark. I remember the pride of borrowing a Blood Angel to take into show and tell at pre-school and how I hit the kid who dropped him on the floor.

My dad said it would be a five minute wonder. But here I am, 25 years later, middle aged with a wife and children. And despite thousands of pounds spent on what is essentially fancy shaped lumps of metal and plastic I'm still giddy like a kid.

You would think that with 25 years of experience FW would be able to produce a dcent instruction manual for their kits, but the original Rogue Trader one still makes more sense than the one I had for the Caestus or Mk2b LR.

So what about you? What are your first hobby memories? We all used to be such fanbois and here we are, on our 25 anniversary, balding but happy. I didn't even get you a card. Have a look at my eBay stuff and inhale the 1980's magic while wishing you bought hundreds as a teenager if only to sell on...