This is quite a week for me. Not only did I produce a WIP post, but in addition I've got a hobby review for you. I was in Warhammer world today collecting two armies that I'd had on display in the miniature hall cabinets.

As you do I was perusing the wares, stocking up on FW goodies etc. I even found some chaos black in the old bolter shell pots on sale, so rumours of new goop or not, I bought myself three.

Then, while looking for the toilets, I found a new store out the back, one I'd never seen before. It sold a hobby product I'd not seen or tried before.... read the full review after the jump.

This was a well put together hobby product. It has been designed well, I'm presuming by the high quality GW CAD machines. It looks imposing when fully constructed and had a good weight, unlike the new Finecast products. The product was master crafted (or possibly twin linked?!) sporting two beef steak burgers, and it was stuck together with a huge amount of melted cheese. As usual with recent GW releases the attention to detail was high and this product was no exception - topped off with two onion rings. It was pinned with a wooden stick to ensure stability - this kind of extra measure really appeals to a veteran like myself.

Was every bit as good as the production. It felt like no corners had been cut, the cheese felt high quality (I think production has recently moved from China back to the UK) and the burgers were meaty. The buns were fresh and the side salad wasn't simple iceburg lettuce and grated carrot - lambs lettuce, watercress - the works. Top notch.

All in all this was a top quality product. There was barely and trimming needed (so clearly not a FW burger) though the chips left a little to be desired. Not terrible, but not top drawer. However the overall experience was good. It was well glued and pinned together. The price wasn't cheap at just under £7, however I've grown to expect this from GW and am fast reaching the point where I don't even notice inflated costs any more. If they keep hobby products of this quality coming - I'll keep buying. Good work GW.

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