Cleaning your Airbrush is very important. Lack of care can result in all manner of problems. I reviewed some handy cleaning wires here recently, and decided to purchase another piece of cleaning equipment. I bought the Airbrush 3 in 1 Cleaning Pot from RDG Tools for £12.95 (includes free postage to UK Mainland). The box packaging is uninspiring and looks cheap but I'm not here for the packaging so I threw that away.

Inside the box is a heavy, sturdy glass jar with 2 lids. Inside the jar is a plastic bag containing, filters, a pipette and a holder. More on those below, but back to the lids now. The yellow lid is a screw fit and has a 3 holes in it. One hole for blasting your airbrush into, one hole to mount the holder and the last hole for the filters. The white lid is a clip on lid and is used to either hold clean water or you can mix 3 different colours into the bottom of it, using it as a palette because it is separated into 3 at the bottom.

Moving on to the extra pieces. You get 4 filter pads, one of which is pre-fitted. These are just push fit. They allow air pressure to be released from the jar but stop the over spray escaping. The middle hole of the yellow lid is the holder. This simply pushes into the top. The pipette is really handy for mixing ratios. You can accurately drop specific amounts of water into your paint mixing jars or you can direct a short jet of water into the bottom of the airbrush's paint cup to aid cleaning.

Here you can see the holders in action. No risk of them falling out or slipping. You can also see the bottom of the site cap with the 3 separate areas for mixing paint. I was thinking you can only mix one colour at a time because pouring with several colours in the bottom will be messy, but you don't need to pour because it comes with a pipette. Not sure I'd want to use the pipette for anything other then water though because it would be a nightmare to clean and you could end up contaminating a new mix with a previous colour.

Onto the cleaning, In the pic above I have a small glass jar (not supplied) which i tip the Airbrush's contents into, I then jet water into the paint cup using the pipette and pour the contents of that into the small glass jar. I then fill the Airbrush's paint cup with clean water and using a tissue or sponge cover the end of the Airbrush and activate the Airbrush. You can see in the picture above the paint cup is bubbling. Covering the end is creating a blowback which is helping clear the nozzle of any left of particles.

I tip out the contents into the small glass jar, and then fill with clean water and finally I blast the contents into the cleaning pot. By this time the spray will be clear water. For a more thorough clean I will strip the Airbrush down after this process and use the cleaning wires as detailed in the link above.

Sturdy, solid, simple construction will last a long time. It does make a few things easier and it isn't messy. I like the holder feature, I didn't own a holder so this has been a massive benefit to me. I like the white lid, I used it for holding water and the pipette is a great addition that makes mixing ratios a lot easier. If you already own an Airbrush holder, a water pot and have a system in place for mixing paint ratios then the only benefit would be the actual cleaning jar itself, but you can make one of those out of a pasta jar and punching two holes in the lid, but for £12.95 this isn't going to break the bank and it does cut down on messy overspray and all the pieces come apart and fit together nicely for storage. The only downside really is it's another thing to clean at the end when you've finished your Airbrush session.

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