Today is the release of March's White Dwarf. Let's see how this issue compares.

The Good Stuff:

Tutorials for painting a Tervigon in Hivefleet Behemoth colours and Space Wolves Thunderwolves; Civil War part 3; a Golden Demon gallery with the Slayer Sword winners of 2011; showcases of players painted Tyranid and Oger armies.

What's In There For Painters and Modellers?
The Tervigon and Thunderwolves painting workshops, especially the Tervigon one is pretty good as it almost on 'Eavy Metal level; showcases of three non-'Eavy-Metal Tyranid armies (although parts of Tom Hutching's Hivefleet were shown a couple of issues ago) and an Ogre Kingdoms Armies on Parade entry; a guide on using the revamped Citadel glues; Hall of Heroes dedicated to the plastic Empire Wizards kit; start of a new round of Four Generals with various LotR warbands; and in the Tyranid and Space Wolves coverage you find some small blurbs with various models plus comments from the 'Eavy Metal team.

Things I Didn't Like:
Actually this issue wasn't too bad. I was surprised there was no Space Wolves vs. Tyranids battle report. There is actually just a small Lord of the Rings battle repot in this issue. The Tyranids and Space Wolves coverage had a kind of different direction this time, basically one longer article each with small blurbs of fluff, commented 'Eavy Metal painted models, army showcases and rules excerpts. This felt quite refreshing, however when you take a second look you notice most of the fluff is rehashed from the Armybooks and you miss proper comments from the designers and sculptors. I for one would have loved to find out how they created those excellent new Tyranid models. Another small disappointment was the Four Generals article. I'm a big fan of this series, but I don't know, for me all those LotR armies look so samey. Please don't hit me, dear LotR supporters ;)

The Verdict:
This issue was very 40k-centric. The only Fantasy article was part 3 of the Civil War expansion (btw was it really necessary to spread it over four issues?), and there is a little bit of Lord of the Rings. Hobby-wise, this issue felt pretty good, with two nice tutorials and lots of inspirational showcases. It was also nice to see some more faces shown in the Editorial. On the other hand, despite the new format the Tyranids and Space Wolves coverage was still a bit lacklustre. With two armies having new models in a single month and with so many player armies already in the magazine, there would have been a lot of potential for something like a small narrative campaign with new fluff, a new scenario and a pitched battle report with non-studio armies.

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