The beast is finished. This was a lot of fun to paint in the early stages of the project but it turned into a real grind by the end. Wooden sticks and webbing aren't the most exciting things in the world to paint.

There is so much going on in this piece it's quite fun to look at. I tried to keep colours down to a minimum because the spider is the focal point and I didn't want different colour shields and feathers grabbing the attention too much. I also painted all the tiny spiders black instead of mirroring the Arachnarok. I didn't want them to blend in so you couldn't see them, but I also didn't want them to stand out. Black seemed a natural choice.

What's next from the desk of Garfy... well as I write this I have no idea. It could be the Flaming Scimitar, or a Grey Knight Storm Raven or I might go back to my Tyranids and work on my Hierophant Bio Titan... decisions decisions. Watch this space.