I rocked the tournament scene with this army a few years back.

Since then it's gathered dust on my shelf (apart from a brief outing into the warhammer world display cabinets) so I've decided to put it on Ebay.

I ran it with Eldrad, 3 DAVU Falcons and 2 Wave Serpents each with 10 (yes 10!) Fire Dragons. It's pretty hard hitting. Since then it's evolved a bit. The Dragons now run as 5 man squads inside 2 falcons backed up by a prism and FW hornet. The Dire avengers ride in serpents ususally accompained by the Farseer.

It's a quality fun army and an airbrush makes them look so good. I freehanded the Saim Hann symbols and it's hard to say who did the canopies first, me or Stahly, but we'll fight about it in the bar with a pint as all good gamers do.

More pictures after the jump.