Hey guys, I took some proper pictures of my scratch-built Warlock Engineer, armed with a scary Doom Rocket. More angles and a bitz breakdown after the jump!
I built this model around the plastic Warpfire Thrower gunner from Island of Blood. I removed the head and added one of the Engineer heads from the Doomwheel kit. Then I cut the thrower to size and added a rocket I got from a kombi-weapon from the Ork Nobz. The warpstone power source and the lonely rat are from the Hell Pit Abomination sprues. The warpstone pistol and the bag are from the Empire Pistoleers box, however I shortened the pistol and added a piece of warpstone with green stuff.

And here we go. I'm quite pleased with the paint job, the source lighting went off quite nicely and the scarlet hood makes him pop out when he's ranked up in a unit. I think he'll do nicely until GW comes up with more new Warlock Engineer sculpts.

What do you think? Please tell me in the comments!