Hey there, it's Monday morning and I hope that I can get some of you in a better mood by presenting you with the finished Caestus Assault Ram, one of the final pieces for the commissioned Space Wolves army I've been working on over the past few months.

As you probably noticed, I added a few of the etched brass Space Wolves insignia to make the craft a bit more chapter-specific.

As Rev wrote a lot about the assembly of his great Caestus a week ago and due to the fact that the client assembled it himself I won't say much about this aspect of the model and will go straight to the painting.

Given the colour scheme of the army the blue-ish grey, a prominent part in black and yellow hazard stripes and a few red details were a given. The only question was how and whnere to apply them. I think I achieved a pretty nice balance of colours and did my best to break up the big grey brick the model actually is whilst still keeping the grey clearly the main colour.

The rest was rather basic and tried-and-tested colour recipies, albeit at a much grander scale of course.

Sorry about the lack of proper backdrop. I hope that you still like the results despite the colourful background. :)

P.S.: Just a qick note - if you look at the model directly from the front it looks like a bulldog-like face with floppy ears. :D