Hi, this time we got a bunch of Long Fangs (Devastators, but with additional punch).

Some of you probably wonder where the pack leader is, why they have different pack markings and why they aren't all grey-haired/bearded. The first questions are answered by the fact that these actually are back-up models to add to existing squads of Long Fangs I painted earlier and which I will post at a later point (to keep things complicated ;) ).

Now for the ginger hair - I usually am someone who sticks to the background of 40k because I genuinely like it and I play the game because of that background. For this reason and the pretty models. With Space Wolves Long Fangs there's a little problem though, especially if the armour is really grey: You get a model with grey hair and a grey body, often with black weapon casing. This leads to a lack of contrast and contrast is fun. So, if the customer is alright with it of course in the case of commission work, I like to forgo the fact that actually Long Fangs should mostly be grey/white haired for the fact that it just looks nicer in my opinion. Apart from that I enjoy painting ginger hair. :p

Anyhow, after this lengthy excuse for willingly and villainously breaking with the background I rest my case and hope that you enjoyed the pictures. ;) There are more Space Wolves to come!