Lets get one thing straight, I'm a massive Tyranid fan. They were my first love. With the excitement of new releases, I'm going to shelve the Necrons/Grey Knights/Ultramarines for a bit and expand my already considerably sized collection of Nids with more large grizzlies.

I thought I'd kick start Project Tyranid Expansion by sharing my Swarmlord Conversion. I finished this over a year ago. Amassing 14,000pts of Tyranids has it's benefits especially when you have 4 spare Tyrant Boneswords in your bitzbox. Some simple green stuffing was required to make the arms left and right specific. Then it just needed to evolve a split tail, jaw mandibles and second horn on the head to make the conversion true to the codex artwork.

I added a modelled base to the creature to help raise the model above the height of my other Hive Tyrants. I really like the half digested corpse that has been caught by the brood nest's ripper tentacles ready to feed the newly hatched rippers.

My fleet is called Dendrobates which is the Latin name for the Poison Dart Frogs. My earlier Tyranids use to have elaborate yellow markings on their black carapace and a green spot colour. My scheme has evolved over the years to what you see here now. You can see the red and bone are the prominent colours with purple/pink now being used to replace the jarring green. I've also toned the yellow markings down to just a small cluster of spots on the carapace.

I like this current paint scheme. It screams 2nd edition... which is cool.