Some of you may remember my 2012 New Years Resolution post where I showed the awesome Tyranid Attack box set. Well I thought I'd dip into the box contents and work on the plastic Terminator Librarian. This guy is short and stocky, but I think he has a lot of character.

I had a lot of fun painting this model. It's amazing how sometime you can pick up a simple model and have more fun painting it then say a £220 Tyranid Bio Titan (it's on my to do list). The shoulder trims are interesting. What colour do you paint a Librarians shoulder trim? They don't belong to a company. They have their own organisation. I went with yellow, not because he has allegiance to the 2nd company, but because yellow has always been a strong colour on Ultramarine Librarians since 2nd edition. It was simple way of introducing that colour to help reinforce the Librarian imagery.

Here's a cool shot of when old meets new. The new Libby is a far superior plastic sculpt, but I do love the old one a lot still.

Anyone else feeling nostalgic, what with it being 25 years of Warhammer 40,000? Maybe you're inspired to rummage through your old collections and pick out a single model to paint. Feel free to link me to your work in the comments. Cheers.