First up, this isn't a flame war. I want this to be seen in a positive light. Some hobbyists love to GW bash. Every forum you go on disgruntled customers are voicing their opinions to the masses. Since Finecast arrived the forums are awash with horror stories. It seems all Finecast models are terrible if you believe everything you read on the internet. There is a simple reason for this... people will only remember the bad. You could be really good at your job and have one bad day. It'll be that bad your boss brings up when you ask for a pay rise. Same with Finecast, no one really reports on the good casts, only the bad ones that slip through. Getting a bad cast is terrible and very annoying but GW will replace no questions asked. If you mail Ordered from them they will send you replacement parts free of charge and not ask for the defected ones back. Their customer service is phenomenal.

I wanted to share with you guys a great example of Finecast, and prove they do exist. Now I'm positive these great examples exist in their 1000's across the globe but no one is telling the world because, well why would you? It's just a sculpt it's what you asked for.

I'm really happy with my first Finecast model. There are 5 or 6 tiny bubbles that only showed up because I photographed them with my DSLR. These will take 2 mins to fill in with liquid greenstuff. The collar has a hole in it, but that wil be another simple fix. The crispness of the sculpt is beautiful. The base bottom isn't flat, but I'll take a sanding pad to that, or stick it to a base with modelling putty and blend it in.

I think it's interesting that because Forge World said their kits are for experts and require bending and straightening, sanding, sawing off chunks, filling in bubbles, no one really complains. We just get on with it and in a sadistic kind of way we enjoy working on Forge World models. They seem more special because of their cost and the hard work that goes in.

If GW had taken that approach with Finecast we could have seen a different reaction from the Hobbyists. They choose to market this as a superior product though and that left them open to attack from every single Finecast model that wasn't up to scratch. They should have approached it as an expensive luxury expert kit, the downside to that is the young core market. It excludes them to a degree.

Hope you enjoyed this chat. Are you a Finecast Virgin? Have you had horrible casts? Do you love your Finecast models? Do you have painted Finecast models? Post them in the comments, I'm really interested to hear from you guys.