Hello, thoday we have a look at the finished Scouts Squad with the classic setup of four sniper rifles, one missile launcher .... and Telion?

Yep, it's Telion alright. This is actually the second one I painted since the miniature was released and none of them so far has been the actual Ultramarines one. He's a fun miniature though because he doesn't suffer from having half a ton of ornaments and whatnot on his armour.

As you can see, the guy in the middle has been a wee bit converted to hold an Ork head instead of his scope (or doing that hand sign). The Sniper Scouts box, as useful as it is, allows for very little varitey compared to other plastic kits nowadays and the guy just standing up and brandishing his gun looked rather over the top as is so I thought "why not make this, probably the least impressive of the choices from the Space Marines army list pose like he's the biggest badass around?". Apart from that, I think part of the reason was that I developed an unhealthy urge to splatter blood onto Space Marines since the World Eaters army commission.

I hope you like the urban camo on the cloaks. It was rather time consuming and could be made to look better but I simply couldn't justify investing more time into these guys. Note how they got two different kinds of urban camo on their cloaks and their fatigues.