"Ere stunty, wot iz you looking at?"

I painted this model a few years ago, before I owned an airbrush. It's a nice reminder for me that I don't have to blend everything with an airbrush, and sometimes those brush marks and visible layers can add a lot of character to a piece. I love the skin tones on this giant, and I don't think it would look quite the same if I airbrushed them. Read on to see more pics and some comparison size shots.

This giant belongs in my Night Goblin army, so I was sure to have plenty of references to the Crooked Moon Tribe, including a freehand moon icon on the loin cloth. I also wanted plenty of check patterns to make it traditionally orcy. The reds are there to help it stand out in the sea of black cloaks and yellow icons, and to show the giant is completely affiliated to goblins and doesn't wear a uniform.

This shot shows how tall the giant is next to my Orc Big Un Nob.

And here is a shot of all my monsters from my Orc and Goblin army. The manticore skin and wings were airbrushed, can you see what I mean about the giants skin having more depth and character for being hand painted?

Would you guys like to see more Warhammer Fantasy Models from me, or should I stick to 40k?