I started blogging the painting of this beast on the 1st of March. 12 WIP posts and 29 days later the model is finally complete. This took me a lot longer then 29 days though. I didn't document the assembly and that was quite time consuming. Plenty of pictures from all angles, including a special group shot after the jump.

The pics below, should create a 360 degree shot. If you click on the first picture and then continually click on the right of the screen it should scroll through the pictures and it should look like it's rotating. It's crude, but I thought it might be nice to try it out.

Finally getting to glue all the limbs in place was good. The creature instantly become more rigid and when the claws are located into the holes on the base it doesn't wobble at all.

This picture above is of all my Forge World Tyranids. The Scythed Hierodule is already on Tale of painters and over the course of the next week I'll be posting more detailed shots and my thoughts of the other Forge World Tyranids as well as a few of my favourite conversions from my Tyranid collection.

Hope you guys have enjoyed following Project Hierophant. Please feel free to share this project with your gaming group, or on the forums/Facebook groups you own/visit. Lets tell the hobby community about Tale of Painters.