I converted this model back in 4th Edition. It uses an interesting mix of parts to create quite a unique looking Tyrant. more pics and details of what parts I used after the jump.

I used Fell Beast wings, but sculpted Tyranid details on to them to help tie it all to together. The wings also feature Devourers, and the arms have converted Devourers, because the standard Devourer didn't look big enough. I sculpted the upper arm to help make the arm bigger too. I used Carnifex lower tail for the tail extension piece I used part of the Hive Nest terrain from the 4th Edition boxed game. I extended the Carnifex legs with Scything Talon forearms and then used Carnifex spikes and greenstuff to make Talons. The head is a cross up of the 3rd Edition Tyrant crest and a Tusked few head.

The entire torso was sculpted from scratch. I made a frame out of sprue and then built up greenstuff around that to get the core shape and then added all the detail afterwards.

Painting the wings was time consuming because I've picked out all the raised detail carefully with shading and highlighting. No washes or airbrush on this one. I think the wing membranes are my favourite part of the model.

I couldn't finish without mentioning the base. A lone 4th company marine paralysed and gunked to a Brood Nest ready to be assimilated by the newly hatched rippers, but in the final seconds of his inevitable death he decides sacrifice himself with a grenade toss into the nest... just as the Hive Mother swoops in to grab him.

This base adds a story to the piece but it also gives height to the Tyrant. One of my favourite bases I've made to date.