The finish line is in sight! This army has been around for longer than most, as I gradually add bits and bobs to it. These FW pieces are the final elements I'll be adding before it goes up for sale. I loved thed Contemptor as soon as it was released, and opted for the standard loadout to make it game legal. Sevrin Loth also is a perfect Arhiman stand in, a quick and dirty Green Stuff scarab completes his transformation. The two rhinos are simply to add a bit of mobility to the Tac squads in the army. The Deimos rhinos were released a the perfect time!

Why oh why is one of the Rhinos missing a top hatch I hear you ask? Well, FW neglected to pack me one. Normally I wouldn't mind, given GW's efficient replacement policy - but on phoning FW they said they'd have to cast one specially and it'd take two weeks!! I mean, I'd have been better off if I'd lied and told them the entire thing was rubbish and I wanted a replacement. Honestly - I've a real love hate relationship with FW, but like any addict I keep crawling back for more (as I simultaneously blog and click 'buy' for the new Masterclass book. Damnit.)