This project has been hidden in a box under a lot of other boxes for around a year now. With all excitement of the Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit I thought I'd return to my hierophant. The pics above show where I currently am with the project. But a quick recap is all parts are cleaned and pinned. Pieces undercoated and first couple of coats of red applied with the airbrush.

I feel at this point I should issue a word of caution to anyone wishing to purchase this kit. The legs are very thin and can not support the weight of the body. The pic below is typical of the Hierophant kit.

I actually cut all 4 legs at the weak points and drilled into the cut sections and inserted chopped up metal coat hangers (2.5mm diameter metal rod). I've included a pic above showing the location of these rods in the front legs. It's quite a substantial flaw in the design of the model. A lot of people have a rod coming out of the base (like a flying stand) to support the creature but I don't like that so my drastic measures mean the beast can free stand without the aid of external supports.

Oh, and did I mention this is my second Hierophant :D You can see the new one I've strengthened the legs and pinned them in a more upright position. I think it adds height to the model. I also heated up the jaw mandibles of the new one and curved them round to help make it look a bit different.

I'm updating the base to match the new one. I've gone for an irregular base sake because square/circle/oval tends to end up with too much wasted space for a model that is hardly touching the base. I'm going to sculpt craters and the like to the bases to take away some of the flatness of the base.