Wow, the WIP blog for this beastie has now hit double figures. Will it never end!? In this update I show the completed bio cannons and some interesting size comparison shots.

Above I've included a full body shot just for completeness sake and to show the bio cannon arms next to the front scything talons which haven't had the extra effort yet. You can really see the that painting the red and bringing up the vibrancy and contrast with more highlighting and shading on top of the airbrush job is worth it. To the right of that picture is one of the bio cannons next to one of my Vindicators... it's the full length of the tank, no wonder it's 8x str10 shots, it's massive!

I'm really happy with the purple blends on the guns, which were done by brush and layering. They tie together with the back vents.

The above shot is bit of fun. The Hierophant is huge compared to these 3 models, I don't fancy their chances much!