I've made some good progress with the Hierophant recently. I've had a little airbrush session and highlighted the carapace on all 4 legs. It's looking almost complete now, but there is still a long way to go. Read on to find out how I masked the legs.

Masking the legs took around an hour. I tore up lots of small pieces of tamiya masking tape to get around all the edges and corners of the carapace. Once it was masked I set about airbrushing the carapace using VGC sombre grey mixed with vallejo thinners and a splash of water. Using a piece of card pushed up against where the carapace plates over lap each other I could just highlight the edge of the carapace and ensure no overspray went into the where the plates over lap.

I'm quite pleased with the result. Next up I'll just work on the front legs, painting both at the same time. The red needs highlighting and shading, the bone needs shading and I need to shade the carapace with purple and highlight with grey.