Hey there, check out this Eldar Warlock I picked up on Warseer. No, it isn't an official GW model, it was sculpted by Shane Hoyle, who is a freelance sculptor and was also briefly working for GW in the past. It's a model Shane created for fun and some clever guy from Warseer decided to cast some copies of this Warlock in resin. I won't go into details so the GW police doesn't call him up, all I care for is that I got one of these beautiful sculpts to paint. All copies are gone at this point and there won't be more, so please don't ask if you can get one, too.

I really like this sculpt. There are some sloppy areas like the hair and the fur, but overall the detail is excellent, especially on all those charms and runes. I also like the defensive pose and the ornate helmet and crest, you could use this model for a spiritseer for example. The cast is well defined and already pretty clean, no warpage or bubbles, this is what Finecast should look like. The only major problem is the scale - the model is massive in comparison to other Eldar models. Anyways, this model will be fun to paint up and a unique piece to my collection. I'll apply myself to him right after I'm done with the Giant Rats. Anybody looking forward to see him painted?