Above you can see my faithful display case, it served me well for about 5 years. It's from IKEA, called Bertby, no longer available unfortunately. It was meant for CDs and DVDs but since I didn't have any superheavies or other big stuff, it was perfect for models as well, especially as it was pretty much dustproof. As you can see, it became pretty crowded in the end, which is why I decided to let it go as I'm going to move to a bigger flat next month.

This is also the reason why it might be a bit quiet from me for the next couple of weeks as there is lots of work to do. However, in my new flat there will be finally a proper man cave! It will be very small, just about 5 square metres, but with careful planning there will be enough room for display space (for both my armies and my comic books), a hobby work area and my PC. I'm going to blog about the setup and post some pictures once I'm in my new flat, I guess it might be interesting for some of you how to organize such a small space.