Hey there, for Saturday evening we've planned to have the best and most comprehensive review of the new Citadel paint range around the net. As you can see above, we've prepared numerous test models, and first thing I'm going to do on Saturday morning is to go out, get as many of the new paints as possible and get a crack at painting. We will test each of the seven new types of paint thoroughly, we are going to compare them to the old Citadel Colours, Foundation paints and Washes, but also to similar products of other manufacturers. We will also see how well the official paint compatibility chart works and if you need to stock up on your old favourite paints or if the new ones work well enough as replacements.

Apart from that, is there anything you'd like to see in our review? Do you've got any specific questions regarding the new paint range that we could answer? We want to provide you the best review possible, so give us some hints in the comments! Thanks!