I must be getting better at these big projects, this one only took a total of 2 weeks to complete instead of a month. Read on for more pictures including close ups of the freehand and weathering. 

The above shot shows the cock pit and gunners turret. I painted all the buttons with a glowing effect. I used some Grey Knight spares to turn the pilot into a Grey Knight. 

This shot shows the wing detail. I drybrushed black onto the wing for some scorch marks and smoke damage. 

This close up shows some of the weathering I did to the edges using Rhinox Hide and an old blister pack sponge to dab the paint on. 


So that's the Storm Raven complete. This morning I bought a box of Grey Knights which I will make 4 Inteceptors to add to the one I painted recently for the tutorial. Once those are done the 1500pt army is complete and I can do some army pictures.