I love this kit. It's not too many parts and it's structural sound unlike the Hierophant and it's huge! Much bigger then the Hierophant with it's impressive 13" wingspan.

The first thing you'll notice about this model is I've ditched the resin stand that was attached to the body in favour of my own flying stand. The flying stand is 20mm diameter clear acrylic rod. The plywood base has a 20mm hole drilled into it to house the rod. It's surrounded by polystyrene and mod-roc for support and is pretty solid. I didn't want to attach the gargoyle clusters to the model, so I made the base into a Brood Nest.

The wings are so big I didn't have the bottle to tackle them with just a brush. So I had to break out the airbrush for the claws and membrane. The black carapace has been area highlighted and then had the striping painted on top. The red on the body is applied by brush, gives a nice rich tone I think.

Just look at the size of this beast, it honestly looks like it could swallow that terminator whole. It even makes the Storm Raven look like a Land Speeder... I know one thing though, with those 12x strength 10 shots and 4x strength 10 close combat attacks that Storm Raven is screwed.

Would you be scared to face this in a game? How would you you deal with the Harridan in a game? It's T8, W6, SV3+... not too scary right?