Since Stahly and Garfy proudly march in front with their Space Marines fliers and spiders and monsters from out of space on their banners, so far I waddled along with a half-finished Landship. No more, I say! ;)

So I got this monster on my table now! It's commission work again because looking at the landship (which I paint for myself really), commissions force me to be on my toes and I (naturally) rank them higher in priority than my own minis, especially those I probably never will play with.

It's going to be Nurgle-y with a very light painting scheme, so definately going more in the bone-coloured direction rather than green or brown.

As you can see it's built, primed and the bits the primer didn't reach were also painted black. I'll also need to cover up these lovely screw-nuts that hold the weapons. It's a pretty clever system really which allows for not only making the weapons movable but of course you can also switch them for other ones which is rather nice.

I'll try to move ahead with that project as quickly as possible and maybe manage to finish it unil the end of the month (which would be rather cool) but speaking from experience that may be a bit optimistic. Well, I guess we'll see.

I hope that you follow me along with this project on painting the largest and most complex model I did to date. If you did a Warhound (or any) titan before and would like to share your thoughts or tipps on this, feel free to do so in the comments section!