Slow progress on the Storm Raven this week, I've been a bit distracted with the new paints. However I have managed to paint the four chapter icons and glue those on and paint the Aquillas gold. I think I'll start work on the weapon systems next.  As an extra bonus, read on to see a comparison shot of one of my old Grey Knights paints in Vallejo Game Colour paints compared to a Grey Knight I painted using the new Citadel paints.

This comparison shot above is for Minitrol, who requested it in the other post. The left one has been painted with the new Citadel paints and the right with Vallejo Game Colour. As you can see no real difference. The left has smoother blending on the blade, and I think that was because of the higher choice of blues mean't less intermediate mixes. I think a lot of people are panicking about colours not matching, but I'm a paint mixer anyway so I just mix until I get it right and if it's slightly off no one will notice on the table top.