I've been remiss with my posting responsibilities of late and I'm sorry about that. It's the way of things as a hobbyist with a busy job and family! Work hasn't ceased behind the scenes, only my ability to take pictures and finish projects. Here's a quick look at whats taking place behind the scenes and what you can expect in April & May...
So here is my desk as it stands, which is (believe it or not) quite tidy currently, at least compared to last week:

You can see a few things are immediately obvious. Hidden in the top right are the remaining elements of the Thousand Sons. The contemptor is complete (pictures to follow over the weekend) and it was a really pleasure to paint. The Deimos Rhinos are built and undercoated as is Sevrin/Ahriman Loth. Completion of these armies will see them finished and ready for sale. The Rhinos came missing one hatch. I phoned FW to be told it'd have to be specially cast and it'd take two weeks! (I know - madness!). So I undercoated the Rhinos with the aim of adding the hatch retrospectively. The missing hatch arrived the next day. Dear old ForgeWorld - even when they're doing something right they're doing it wrong.

In the foreground is the beginning of a new commission which I'm excited about, Grey Knights. I've not touched the GK's since about 1990 - so it's a pretty cool thing for me to come back around to. The scheme is the old Skool black too, hence the title picture above. The list is small and elite which suits me down to the ground. Another FW moan - the casting on both Dreads is poor, the detail is very faint - not sharp at all - a real disappointment, though I'm not surprised as quality control has always been poor in comparison to the legendary GW/FW customer service.

What you don't see on the desk is what I was working on while waiting for the GK's to arrive. I'm a massive Blood Bowl fan, it's the only game I play. I tried to understand 40k rules, but I end up combining 2/3 editions and it becomes a bit of a whitewash every time. I got inspired to do new Chaos and Orks, so chucked my current teams on the eBay and got clipping...

So there it is, my workload for a few months. 

I should also mention in dispatches that I've taken the plunge and ordered the entire range of new GW paints. Having been round the houses on paints (I've used every major brand in the last 5 years) I've settled on GW. I'm simply a 'from the pot lid' kind of painter, dropper bottles really slowed me down (and I'm slow enough!). I hope to build on the Stirling work already put in place by my esteemed 'tale of' colleagues.

So what are you working on?