Miniature photography is a big part of the hobby if you want to share your models with the online community. Over the years I've made do with cheap point and shoot digital cameras but I've always strived for better pictures. I've always colour corrected and adjusted the levels of my pictures in photoshop to give a more accurate representation. This still wasn't enough for me though and last year I purchased a Canon 500D DSLR, and for the past year I've been getting good results with natural light. There are two downsides to this. The first is the light is always different and one directional, so you can end up with cast shadows everywhere. The second is during the winter you don't get much daylight, and when I did get daylight it tended to be when I'm at work.

So I invested in two home studio flash lights and took over the spare bedroom. The first picture in this blog post is the set up I bought. Funnily enough I had to take the first picture with my camera phone, which is ironic considering the topic of this post. The second picture in this blog is my first attempt with the new kit and I'm really pleased with the results. It's well lit from all angles with a bright, vibrant accurate colours.  I might get a reflector, because there is a shadow at the front of the tank and that will help reduce that. 

Well lit photos mean everything shows up, including the mistakes! Obviously I can use this as an advantage though and learn from it and improve. I'm really looking forward to experimenting and playing with this kit and sharing my work with Tale of Painters.