Hello fellas, today I want to present you with pictures of the finished Chaos Warhound Titan. :)

The model comes with a sheet of clear plastic so you can cut out cockpit windows if you like. The sheet is pretty big too so it's not too bad if you get struck by lightning or something like that while cutting out the windows and mess it up. ;)

  Have I mentioned that the interior probably is the most impressive detail of the model?

 Here's a full shot of the back of the beast. I'm really happy with how the green came out in the end and how it makes the armour "pop".

 After holding still for the long photoshoot the Warhound got all fidgety so I sent Slurch the Plague Marine to go walkies with the hound for a bit.

Right. that's that then. Very cool model, great to work with and all that. I'm really looking forward to my next titan. :)