Hello guys, to kickstart -to use a popular term these days - a little series on very small (hurhur) forces I did over the past few days here's a picture of a bunch of Chaos Space Marines. The models are second edition Space Marine (as Epic was called back then) plastics from 1991. They are true 6mm figures so they're a fair bit smaller than the later Epic models.

The boxed set was pretty cool, coming with a bunch of Land Raiders, Rhinos, Space Marines, Eldar Grav Tanks, Eldar Guardians, Battle Wagons, a ton of Ork Boyz and a Warlord titan with swappable weapons. Oh, and of course the legendary Epic skyscrapers.

As those of you who know Epic probably will have noticed, this bunch of models above is way too little for a proper Epic army. In fact, I don't plan to use those models for Epic at all (maybe as a starting point for a few epic armies though. You know what it's like ;) ) but instead I plan to use them for a whole different ruleset called Tomorrow's War and by which I'm rather taken at the moment.

Anyway, as the week progresses I'll be showing you some more Epic models forces of that size and all from around that time as well. Cheerio!