Here's the next Epic-scaled force already! This time it's good old Eldar. Four stands of Guardians, one of them along with a Warlock leader, a stand of Wraithguard and four Grav Tanks.

These models are a mix of Space Marine starter box (the Guardians on the square stands and the Grav Tanks) and models from the Eldar Warhost box. Excellent box, that. The most interesting thing of course is the design of the Grav Tanks. This of course was way before the current designs of the Eldar tanks as we know them today was worked out. It was even before the mid-90s design that never really turned into models but is to be seen on the cover of 2nd edition Codex Eldar for instance. I like those quite a bit though. Kind of futuristic and still a little alien. Neat.

I hope that you like those models as well. :)