Heyho, as promised it's Imperial Guard today! This force is a little lighter on troops but has some more fun stuff and variation in it. Let's see what we got here: ...

There are three stands of infantry (with a Lascannon each even) plus a base of leaders that could double as an objective marker, POWs, Artillery Spotters and so on featuing a Commissar and a colour officer with a standard. The bigger things on their stand are imperial robots.

The "egg-on-legs" design Sentinel will be familiar to many of you and of course there are three of the mandatory Rhinos. The Thudd Guns are from the Epic Squats box. I might be adding some more Squats from that box lateron to my collection of painted Epic forces at a later point. The models - except for the Rhinos and Thudd Guns - are from the old Imperial Guard Army box. Clearly my favorite box of Epic Models I have (would love to have the Orks boxes too as well though) because it's got so much stuff in it: Beastmen, Ogryns, Robots, Sentinels, Ratlings, Bikes, Assault Squads with jump packs, a bunch of regular grunts of course, officers and probably some more stuff I forgot about at the moment. But it really is good stuff.

Anyways, that concludes my handful of small-scale forces of Epic models in which I put my small collection of 6mm figures to good use (finally) and it's always nice to manage to do that. One of the motivations behind getting these forces done was so it would be easier to get people drawn into playing Tomorrow's War with me. Let's hope it works out as planned! ;)